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What's new at Pigtale Twist:

It is our goal to bring outrageously delicious dressings & sauces to market. Then, to show you how to use them in your own kitchen with our exclusive recipes. Currently there are videos with a variety of different ideas, and watch for our grocery list and written recipes so that you can follow along to create these wonderful meals.

Remember when we make a product we use the finest ingredients, fresh, natural and good for you. Pigtale Twist products cling to your salads and absolutely burst with fresh flavor, they are typically 1/2 the calories by comparison to other like products in the market.

They are unlike any thing you've ever popped in your mouth.

Let me know, of these new product ideas, which would you most like to see on the shelf at your favorite grocer?
a) Grilled Shallot, Peach & Orange Vinaigrette (nice & smoky with luscious chunks of fruit)
b) Bustin' Out Bacon Blue (Best selling Ridiculously Garlic Blue but with Lots of Bacon!)
c) Roasted Beet Ranch (amazing fuscia color)
d) Hazelnut Laced Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce (with Oberweis Cream)
e) "All Sauced Up" BBQ Glaze (from Caramelized Fennel, bourbon & fresh orange with a definite kick)

E-mail me your pick and get on our list for upcoming events and specials.

All of the products from Pigtale Twist, are crafted by Lambs Farm of Libertyville; a safe & beautiful residential community for mentally challenged adults located in Libertyville, Illinois. The residents are kind enough to label Pigtale's recyclable glass bottles and the kitchen staff produces & fills each bottle by hand.

A portion of each sale goes to this very special residential community.