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Are you ready for "over the top?" Try my magical combinations of natural, fresh flavors in Pigtale Twist products - Ridiculously Garlic Blue, Three Berry Vinaigrette and Buttery Caramel Sauce! Not just spectacular dressings and sauces, they can be the secret ingredients to enhance your gourmet creations. Watch my videos in the comfort of your kitchen to see easy, step-by-step recipes. Unlike other lower-calorie products that leave you flat, ours are a festival of clean flavor. And gluten free. We buy local whenever possible, choosing only the finest, freshest ingredients. We donate a portion of our profits to Lamb's Farm, a special residential community for developmentally disabled adults. Bon appetite!

Beet Dressing
Beets All Ranch

We've replaced the oil with Oberweis Sour Cream & Fresh Buttermilk so our new roasted beet ranch is just 72 calories for 2 TBS, ONE Weight Watcher Point, no sugar, one carb and only 83 mg. of sodium. Seasoned with fresh lemon, garlic, parsley & chive, a whole grain mustard from Eau Claire, Wisconsin and colored a beautiful fuchsia with scrumptious roasted beets! It's like a fresh spring garden in your mouth!!!

Ridiculously Garlic Blue

Ridiculously Garlic Blue is the best thing you have EVER put in your mouth. It's made with Oberweis Sour Cream, Buttermilk & a cave aged Saint Pete Blue Cheese with only half the calories of other blue cheese dressing because it does not contain dominant amounts of soybean oil as filler. There is a quarter cup of freshly minced garlic in each bottle! 96 Calories with just 8 grams of fat per 2 TBS. Outrageous over a 2" thick strip steak or hamburger smothered with cognac sautéed mushrooms, mind boggling over a fluffy baked potato with crumbled bacon & fresh chive or over a pound of cooked pasta with jumbo shrimp, fresh basil & cherry tomatoes... the BEST Alfredo you've ever tasted in about 15 minutes!

Three Berry Vinaigrette

Three Berry Vinaigrette is made with fresh raspberry, blackberry & blueberry, no fat, sugar or salt. The only added sweetener is a touch of German Summer Flower Honey so it's perfect for those with either diabetic or cardiac concerns. Packed with antioxidants, it's amazing drizzled over roast pork, or a horseradish crusted lamb chop. I love to pour it into a squirty bottle allowing more control drizzling a beautiful pattern over grilled swordfish and asparagus. Finish with fresh orange zest & black sesame seed for a dramatic splash of color! Over duck, pheasant, goose or venison it's tartness is reminiscent of Lingonberries & cuts through the gaminess of the meat. And my girlfriend from Germany loves it over cream cheese stuffed French Toast or pancakes as a very healthy alternative to syrup. And at only 32 calories per 2 TBS, you may eat all you like!

Buttery Caramel Sauce

Buttery Caramel Sauce is made with Oberweis Cream, European Butter & Madagascar Vanilla. Without corn syrup or fructose, it's just 136 calories for a quarter cup so you can actually afford to eat it! Luscious over a Chardonnay poached pear, apple pie, chocolate bread pudding or a brownie sundae. My mother loves it in her coffee & it makes an intoxicating iced latte. And... in the name of research, my girlfriends and I invented the Carameltini. Equal parts vodka, espresso & Buttery Caramel Sauce with a fat, splash of vanilla, these are the bomb!

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“My family loves the "Ridiculously Garlic Blue Dressing" and won’t let me buy any other brand. I can’t believe this is ½ the calories with twice the taste. Thank you so much for making a product that is good for the kids and they like it, too. I also appreciate the great recipes and other suggestions on how to serve a quick healthy meal.”

~Busy Working Mom - Lake Forest, IL


“Oh. My. Gosh. Luscious. If you are a fan of blue cheese dressing, you have to taste this! YOU HAVE NOT HAD BLUE CHEESE DRESSING UNTIL YOU'VE HAD PIGTALE's RIDICULOUS! If you are a fan of garlic, you also have to taste this dressing. Not for the weak palate, this a serious blue cheese dressing. A dressing for blue cheese and garlic enthusiasts around the world. Its what blue cheese dressing should taste like. This is not only a salad dressing though. I use it for sauce too. Wings, fries, burgers, cold cuts, steak. Heck, I could put it on my shoe and it'd taste good. Gotta have it. Ridiculously Garlic Blue.”

~Dave, Minneapolis, MN