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Lamb's Farm, Libertyville, Illinois

Manufacturer of Pigtale Twist Dressings & Sauces

PLEASE HELP PIGTALE TWIST GROW LAMB'S FARM !!!!!! Do you know how many people I have met over the past 11 years sampling my dressings all over the Midwest who have grown children with developmental disabilities? When they see that Pigtale Twist is made by some of the 250 residents of Lamb's Farm, their eyes well up with tears. You see, whether they have limited financial resources, endless resources, or something inbetween, there are simply not enough places for their special needs child to live when they can no longer care for them. Imagine laying your head on the pillow every night... wondering... what will become of your child, who will care for them daily, care for them if they're sick? Who will sing Happy Birthday when they blow out the candles on their Birthday Cake? Who will wish them Merry Christmas or Happy Hannuka & where will they spend those holidays? Who will cheer for their accomplishments like Ruthie winning the swim meet in the Special Olympics or Dale bowling a near perfect game with 4 strikes?

"IF" there were a Lamb's Farm in every county in the United States of Amercia, it would NOT be enough to give everyone of these angels a safe, productive, loving environment to live in. Think about that! As with anything we are not immersed in on a day to day basis, many people simply are unaware of how important productivity, a regular schedule, & friendship is to these amazing people. Many of them take medications which require eating on a regular schedule. Lamb's Farm sees to it. Certainly, each of us gets bored doing the same job day after day or it turns out just not to be "our thing". Lamb's Farm has something for everyone & the residents can rotate between working in The Magnolia Cafe Restaurant, the famous Pet Shop where it all began 72 years ago, The Country Store where my products are produced along with tens of thousands of gift baskets a year filled with hand-crafted chocolates, jams & jellies, shortbreads, cookies, salsas & fudge. There is an Ice Cream Shop, The Bakery, The Petting Zoo, Merry Go Round, Flower Market, The Thrift Shop, Train Rides and many seasonal & annual events such as a Farmer's Market, the autumn Barn Burner BBQ Competition, a Pumpkin Patch & the Visitor's Center showcasing Lamb's Farm's rich history. Each of these areas of the Farm & yearound events employ the 250 residents and an additional 100 day commutors who ride in by train and by Lamb's Farm shuttles. Everyone is provided medical care & house parents too because let's face it... do we ALLLL get along ALLLL the time at home? Do our kids all share the TV, finish their chores & get up on time every morning?!?! Ha ha ha! Not in my house! Lamb's Farm is truly a nurturing community for the most amazing people I know. And sadly, the State of Illinois has cut the funding to great places such as Lamb's Farm and Misarecordia in Chicagoland. We don't need less of Lamb's Farm... we need them EVERYWHERE. My dream, my vision, would be to have such communittees... everywhere producing Pigtale Twist Dressings and Sauces regionally employing tens of thousands of adults with disabilities and many other products in the crusade to get back to 100% Non-GMO, whole & clean foods for all our children's sake. And it's a perfect solution to yet another problem. Small businesses in the Food Industry are struggling greatly yet more important than EVER. Most manufacturers have starting minimums unrealistic to a fledgling business. Many manufacturers/distributors don't work with glass bottles/containers (even though they solve many environmental issues over plastic(s), many don't haul refrigerated products or do small batch production creating less waste. But Lamb's Farm does! Creating a more organic, specially fitted solution for small businesses just starting out. Just like Pigtale Twist in 2008. There is more land/room for growth/housing on the property of Lamb's Farm. It is also positioned perfectly for freight & shipping as it's entrance drive is literally at the bottom of the Illinois Tollway/294 exit ramp with a full loading/receiving dock for semi-tracker trailers. It's geographical position on the edge of a huge Industrial Park, should be the template for many more such residences!!! So who's on board? All are welcome!!! Parents & families with special needs children & special needs adults!!! Communittees who want to see their towns flourish with unique, small businesses, women owned businesses, restaurants/schools & farms producing clean/Non-GMO foods, rooftop gardens sustaining community centers, hospitals, churches & schools while teaching along the way & feeding those without access to GOOD food. WE ALL BENEFIT FROM GOOD STEWARDSHIP AND GROWTH!!! Please help Pigtale Twist grow nationwide. Please give if you can & say a prayer for our project whether you can or cannot. Thank you, 

Meg, Owner/Creator Pigtale Twist 


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